Station for bearing tests

Station for bearing tests

JSC "Minsk Bearing Plant" has its own MPZ test center.

The main activities of the laboratory are: certification of bearings according to the scope of accreditation, periodic testing of commercially manufactured products, comparative tests of foreign and domestic bearings, testing of new design bearings and studying the effects of individual factors on the performance and technology production of bearings.  

The volume and structure of the test based on the volume and range of bearings produced by the company.  
Test equipment park includes 60 testing machines with models VNIPP-542-543 VNIPP, VNIPP-544-545 VNIPP, VNIPP-537, as well as unique test benches for propeller shaft bearings, automotive wheel hubs, motors and water pumps. Test benches allow to carry out special tests for characteristics and for performance of the bearings on the orders of the consumers.

 The main feature of the destruction of working bearing surfaces is the appearance of high vibrations and noise. These conditions are used as the manipulated variable thickness culling unit designed to automatically shut off the drive system and all of the testing machines when a high vibration and noise will exist. 

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