History of the plant

History of the plant


The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR "On the construction of the bearing plant number 11 in Minsk."

1951 August 13

Released the first bearing with trademark GPZ-11.

1956, December 30

The first edition of the factory-circulation newspaper.

1960, September 7

Released the 100-millionth bearing GPZ-11.

1972, October 20

The first eight standard sizes of bearings are awarded with the State Quality Mark.

1973, 6  March

The opening of PTU-117, which trains workers for the plant.

1975, February 21

Establishment of the machine tools department for the development of new equipment for the needs of the plant and the bearing industry.

1975, March 21

The Main Committee of the USSR awarded GPZ-11 with the 1st level Diploma for the introduction of electrocoagulation wastewater and awarded a group of developers with gold, silver and bronze medals.

1975, December

The world's first super-deep drilling conducted with turbodrills with bearings GPZ-11.  
1982 February 13

Released the billionth bearing GPZ-11.

1982, December 28

The Presidium Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR: “Minsk Bearing Plant” was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

1990, December 25

The Eleventh State Bearing Plant has become the rental company and was renamed into the Leased Enterprise "Minsk Bearing Plant» (AP "MPZ").

1992, February 10-14  

“International seminar on privatization strategy” was held on the basis of MPZ under the auspices of the ECE.

1994, November 10

Was produced the first large-dimensioned bearing 3680 for "Krivoy Rog Mining and Processing Plant".

1997, July

The plant was awarded with the international award "Golden Eagle» for dynamics of production, product range and sales, efficiency and ecology.

1997, October

"Trade Leaders Club" awards the plant with prize "THE BEST BRAND".

1999, December 23

Decision of the board of Mingorimuschestva: AP "Minsk Bearing Plant" is transformed into an open joint-stock company - JSC "Minsk Bearing Plant".


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